FG Xpress is a new Division of a 10 year old publicly traded company. Our business  is unique and revolutionary in Network Marketing because our products ship anywhere in the world in a greeting card. In just 16 months we are shipping and paying commissions in over 170 countries and now we are thrilled to open operations in one of most exciting markets in the world; China.

FG Xpress 是一个有10年之久股票上市公司的崭新部门。我们业务发展是十分独特及具革命性的网络营销因为我们的产品可藉由一张贺卡送至世界的任何角落。在短短的16 个月中我们产品派送至170 多个国家并支付佣金给当地的经销商, 现在我们正进军世界最热门的市场: 中国。

Our operations will initially center out of Hong Kong in our Class A Office in Kowloon. We invite you to explore this powerful opportunity with the presentations found here. The person who invited you to view this site will be happy to answer your questions and guide you on your path to prosperity with FG Xpress and RocketFuel Team, the fastest growing team in the company.

中国市场的业务运作中心,設在香港九龙的高级办公大楼。我们敬邀您们观赏以下介绍短片并来探讨这个美好的商机。也邀请您可以查看本网站,我们很乐意回答你的问题,并引导您们步上成功的路径,并与公司成长最快的团队 RocketFuel 团队一起在FG Xpress事业中茁壮与繁荣。

New Hong Kong Office

New Hong Kong Office


Simplified Chinese FgXpress Presentation

FG Xpress介绍短片


simplified chinese marketing plan


Traditional Chinese FgXpress Presentation

FG Xpress介绍短片

Marketing Plan (Traditional Chinese)