• FGXpress is the first company of its kind to make all of it’s products available worldwide to over 100 countries since the beginning of it’s launch.
  • FGXpress is a division of ForeverGreen International



Power Strips

FGXPress PowerStrips™ are the first of their kind strips sold anywhere in the world. PowerStrips™ are a patented and doctor formulated.  They are listed as a FDA Class I Medical Device for the temporary relief of pain


Beauty Strips

The BeautyStrips™ mask begins with a genuine base of pure, naturally-sourced kelp seaweed whose creation consists of more than 1300 hours of hand-crafted care. Alone, seaweed naturally provides the minerals and nutrients necessary to calm, smooth, nourish and hydrate your skin. Combined with another 31 natural ingredients designed to lift, tighten, reduce impurities and tone skin, the BeautyStrips mask will revolutionize your beauty regimen.


Solar Strips

SolarStrips™ are a breathtakingly refreshing look at nutrition. Designed to dissolve on the tongue for maximum absorption, 37.5 milligrams of Alpha3 CMP™ marine phytoplankton are packed into each breath-freshening strip.

FgXpress and Kiva

  • kiva
Some say Love makes the world go round!
Some say Money makes the world go round!
We believe that Love, Health and Abundance are what makes the world go round. FG Xpress puts this into action everyday with our amazing product and financial opportunity and by funding a new micro loan thru the non-profit micro loan leader, Kiva.
Kiva operates on the “teach a man/woman to fish” model by empowering entrepreneurial small businesses that pay back the loan in order to empower the next entrepreneur.
Your FG Xpress business contributes to this amazing organization:See your efforts in action. FG Xpress posts the Entrepreneur of the Day http://www.facebook.com/FgXpress
Learn more here: http://www.fgxpress.com/cause/